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Phone 647-888-7305

“ A great job, I love coming home to my freshly cleaned home.” Rose, Toronto

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West End House Cleaning Toronto   We offer a professional, prompt and reliable pet friendly house cleaning service to the Toronto area. We are a local owned business and our reputation has been built on providing a service that sets the standard in thoroughness, cleanliness and customer convenience. Our mission is to create a clean environment that promotes the health and well-being of your family. Our attention to detail and competitive pricing make us a company of choice.

   Our rates are competitive because  our overhead is lower than our competitors; they are usually a franchised business and have added fees built in. We have no extra advertising costs other than the website, which we do from home and a occasional flyer, which we print and deliver by ourselves. We rely on the positive recommendations of our current customers to establish new ones.


   We provide a checklist for every client, noting  how many rooms, types of flooring and  all the areas that require special attention.


  After creating the checklist we will give you a reasonable, no obligation quote and offer to schedule a first appointment, should you wish to do so. We will make sure we do everything possible to perform the work to your satisfaction.

  When we finish we leave our checklist behind to make it easy for you to monitor what was done that day, plus it’s a handy form for you or us to note any particular items that need attention.The checklist guarantees that no task is overlooked, and that the client will get the best possible job done every time.


 Why come home to a second job when you could feel fantastic about your spotless surroundings! I do all the cleaning myself and can give my personal guarantee of satisfaction. Phone or email us and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.          

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“This Lady Sets the Bar for Service.” Sendi,  High Park

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These days, between work and family, it’s difficult to keep your home looking its best. We can provide you with convenient home cleaning and organizing solutions. We will customize the work to your requests, using only products you approve, and will guarantee to deliver the results you desire for your home.